Terms and conditions

Who can e-buy?:

  • The e-Buyer should necessarily be a Member of ICAI or a CA Student. Please note that this (e-Booking/e-buy) facility is not available for others.
  • Online orders can be placed any time between 10AM and 6PM. (Timings will be further extended and shall be made 24 x 7 after few days)

Delivery Notification

  • Ordered Books will be dispatched within a day (Order day + one working day) after getting the payment confirmation from the Payment Gateway/Bank.
  • Delivery shall be made within Bengaluru Urban District only.
  • Packing, Handling, Courier & Delivery charges will not be levied.

Payment Gateway Notification:

  • Website will be redirected to an independent payment gateway and the Branch shall not take any responsibility for any of the consequences connected with it

Failure of accepting the delivery:

If delivery of the books dispatched is not taken/received, then the goods shall not be re-dispatched. The buyer or the authorized person has to come to the Branch and personally have to collect it after producing the Order Booking Form within 7 working days of the Branch.