Background Material

Cover of TDS: Recent updates & amendments
Hits: 31
Cover of Automated solutions for Paperless office
Hits: 73
Cover of Automating Analytics using AI
Hits: 30
Cover of Mobile apps & Social media for a Digital
Hits: 31
Cover of Automated audit analytics and BI Solutions
Hits: 26
Cover of Protecting digital data through Cyber Security
Hits: 58
No cover Benami Transactions, Laundering and Demonetisation
Hits: 53
Cover of GST - Important issueS under the Revised Model under GST Law - Panel Discussion
Hits: 145
Cover of JOB Work, E-Commerce Transaction under GST
Hits: 84
Cover of Brief Concept of IGST Act
Hits: 20
Cover of Place of Supply of Goods & Services
Hits: 84
Cover of Valuation of Taxable Supply & Valuation Rules (including related case law)
Hits: 78
Cover of Brief Concept of Model GST Law including Concept of CGST, SGST & IGST including supply - Session 1
Hits: 109
Cover of Ind AS-IFRS How is India Meeting Global Reporting Standards
Hits: 70
Cover of Companies Act 2013-16.What a Drastic Change! Role Of CAs
Hits: 73
Cover of INTERNATIONAL TAXATION in Present Global Scenario
Hits: 48
Cover of Risk Based Auditing in Information Technologies Environment -2
Hits: 48
Cover of Companies Act, 2013 What a  Drastic Change!! Role of CA
Hits: 50
Cover of Risk Based Auditing in Information Technologies Environment
Hits: 43
Cover of Anti-Profiteering and Other Miscellaneous Provisions under GST
Hits: 44
Cover of IND AS – IFRS
Hits: 94
Cover of Issues & concerns under KVAT Audit
Hits: 133
Cover of Current Issues in Indirect Taxes
Hits: 148
Cover of Practical Approach to Data Analytics
Hits: 129
Cover of GST: Impact on SME Sector
Hits: 244
Cover of GST Impact on Trading Sector
Hits: 244
Cover of Basics of Transfer Pricing
Hits: 212
Cover of Changing role of Internal Auditors
Hits: 313
Cover of Intensive Workshop on International Taxation - 28,29,30
Tags: 2016 Aug
Hits: 288
Cover of Critical Issues in Tax Audit
Tags: 2016 Aug
Hits: 431
Cover of One Nation One Tax - GST
Tags: 2016 Aug
Hits: 442
Cover of GST – Meaning and Scope of Supply and Time of Supply of Goods and Services
Tags: 2016 Aug
Hits: 371
Cover of Valuation under GST
Tags: 2016 Aug
Hits: 368
Cover of Occupational Fraud and Prevention
Tags: 2016 July
Hits: 237
Cover of Latest Updates in Transfer Pricing including Domestic Transfer pricing
Tags: 2016 July
Hits: 258
Cover of Equalization levy, Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme, 2016
Tags: 2016 July
Hits: 283
Cover of Intensive workshop on international taxation - 25 to 27
Tags: 2016 July
Hits: 333
Cover of Penalties & Prosecutions under Income Tax Act -1961
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 291
Cover of Accounting Standards applicable to Real Estate Sector
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 314
Cover of Recent changes in TDS & TCS
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 404
Cover of Impact assessment of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 300
Cover of Recent Changes in FEMA and FDI Policy
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 329
Cover of Chapter VIII of the Finance Act 2016 - EQUALISATION LEVY
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 487
Cover of Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 532
Cover of latest caselaw analysis
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 370
Cover of Issues and Concerns under the Commercial Tax Laws
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 355
Cover of internal financial Controls over financial reporting
Tags: 2016 July
Hits: 875
Cover of Intensive Workshop on International Taxation - 23
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 371
Cover of One Day Seminar on Companies Act 2013 - Companies Act (The journey 2013 to 2016)
Tags: 2016 June
Hits: 515
Cover of 2016.06.01_Practical aspects of filing Form 15CA & 15CB
Hits: 242
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