Background Material

Cover of GST Sankramana - Creating Value while Transiting
Tags: 2017 June
Hits: 49
Tags: 2017 May
Hits: 626
Cover of Supreme Court Decision in F1 Case
Tags: 2017 May
Hits: 203
Cover of Display of GSTN process Returns & other procedural compliance
Tags: 2017 May
Hits: 526
Cover of BEPS Overview and India perspective
Tags: 2017 May
Hits: 185
Cover of Awareeness Programme on Ind-AS
Tags: 2017 May
Hits: 255
Cover of GST Impact on Service Sector
Tags: 2017 April
Hits: 223
Cover of ICDS - FAQs
Tags: 2017 April
Hits: 343
Cover of ISSUES IN 269ST AND 271DA.
Hits: 104
Cover of Discussion on Changes in ITR's for AY 2017-18 (FY 2016-17)
Tags: 2017 April
Hits: 156
Cover of An insight into General Anti Avoidance Rules GAAR
Tags: 2017 April
Hits: 170
Cover of PAN Quoting and Reporting of financial transactions
Hits: 259
Cover of Bank Branch Audit Seminar - 2017 (for Students)
Tags: 2017 March
Hits: 303
Cover of Empowered Approach to CA Exams
Tags: 2017 March
Hits: 259
Cover of One Day Seminar on GST for Students
Hits: 363
Cover of Capital Market and Investor Awareness Programme:
Hits: 339
Cover of Union Budget Analysis 2017-18
Hits: 807
Cover of Office Management and Practise Development
Hits: 350
Hits: 303
Cover of TDS: Recent updates & amendments
Hits: 523
Cover of Automated solutions for Paperless office
Hits: 541
Cover of Automating Analytics using AI
Hits: 347
Cover of Mobile apps & Social media for a Digital
Hits: 359
Cover of Automated audit analytics and BI Solutions
Hits: 308
Cover of Protecting digital data through Cyber Security
Hits: 342
Cover of Business Models and Transactions of the Digital economy Auditing Challenges
Hits: 260
Cover of Robotic Process Automation & Audit Impact - An overview
Hits: 289
No cover Benami Transactions, Laundering and Demonetisation
Hits: 360
Cover of GST - Important issueS under the Revised Model under GST Law - Panel Discussion
Hits: 602
Cover of JOB Work, E-Commerce Transaction under GST
Hits: 380
Cover of Brief Concept of IGST Act
Hits: 236
Cover of Place of Supply of Goods & Services
Hits: 345
Cover of Valuation of Taxable Supply & Valuation Rules (including related case law)
Hits: 373
Cover of Brief Concept of Model GST Law including Concept of CGST, SGST & IGST including supply - Session 1
Hits: 415
Cover of Ind AS-IFRS How is India Meeting Global Reporting Standards
Hits: 347
Cover of Companies Act 2013-16.What a Drastic Change! Role Of CAs
Hits: 326
Cover of INTERNATIONAL TAXATION in Present Global Scenario
Hits: 295
Cover of Risk Based Auditing in Information Technologies Environment -2
Hits: 269
Cover of Companies Act, 2013 What a  Drastic Change!! Role of CA
Hits: 323
Cover of Risk Based Auditing in Information Technologies Environment
Hits: 292
Cover of Anti-Profiteering and Other Miscellaneous Provisions under GST
Hits: 327
Cover of IND AS – IFRS
Hits: 396
Cover of Issues & concerns under KVAT Audit
Hits: 384
Cover of Current Issues in Indirect Taxes
Hits: 381
Cover of Practical Approach to Data Analytics
Hits: 395
Cover of GST: Impact on SME Sector
Hits: 576
Cover of GST Impact on Trading Sector
Hits: 500
Cover of Basics of Transfer Pricing
Hits: 464
Cover of Changing role of Internal Auditors
Hits: 563
Cover of Intensive Workshop on International Taxation - 28,29,30
Tags: 2016 Aug
Hits: 600
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