Cover of Tax Credit (Capital goods, Services & input) including Matching Concept
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Cover of Using Tally: Beyond Accounting to Assurance
Hits: 685
Cover of One day Seminar on Charitable Trusts - Taxation Issues
Tags: 2016 Aug
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Cover of Tax Clinic - Indirect Taxes (Service Tax -Implication on Construction Sector)
Tags: 2016 July
Hits: 632
Cover of Interaction & Demo of Recent e-filing & Payment Initiatives of ESIC
Tags: 2015 June
Hits: 1094
Cover of Practice Alert – Discussions on Real Estate Works Contract
Tags: 2015 April
Hits: 1402
Cover of Internal control on Financial Reporting (SOX)
Hits: 1597
Cover of Forex Valuation in SAP as per AS-11
Hits: 1634
Cover of Internal Audit of operations in SMEs
Tags: 2014 July
Hits: 1975
Cover of Discounting Cash Flow(DCF) Techniques made easy
Tags: 2014 April
Hits: 2348
Cover of Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme 2013
Tags: 2013 May
Hits: 2774
Cover of Leveraging Activity Based Costing to enhance Enterprise Value
Tags: 2013 May
Hits: 2613
Cover of Reverse Charge Mechanism & Abetments under the Service Tax Law
Tags: 2013 March
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