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 Event Id :  159
 Event :  Morning-Coaching Class (Both the Groups) Intermediate Course for Nov 2021 Exam virtual class
 Date :  31-Aug-2021
 Time :  06:30  To   09:30
 Venue :  Vasanthnagar Branch Premises
 Description :  

Coaching Class (Both the Groups)

Start Date : 25 feb 2021 (6 months) (Tentative Dates)

06.30am to 09.30am & (Monday to Sunday)

Follow the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ffb75ClHgENb-DpxHwhrEPH8FfjNlT_r/view?usp=sharing  to download Mandatory Form which needs to be submitted with in 3days of registration.

 Amount :  Students - ₹.12,500.00 

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