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My Dear Esteemed Members,

Wish you all, 

A Very Happy Gauri Ganesha Festival !

Friends, impression is everything in this World! Everyone wants to create some impression or the other. Everyone wants to impress one or the other.  It is true that, throughout the life, we end up in continuously trying to impress others.  Take for example a small kid, who does not know to talk, still, tries to impress with some actions. Right from small kid up to aged persons, everyone tries to create some impression or the other. People try to impress their near and dears, their colleagues, neighbor's and public at large, including and without exception to politicians.  A marketing professional creates so much of impression about their products or services and one should feel like to go with it. Yes, creating such an impression is very much important to succeed in this World.  Why?

Many things will happen merely based on the impression. Few things will not happen due to the impression. People keep on gauging us every moment, in our presence or in our absence.  It is up to the minds of the people to gauge and get positive or negative impression. But, all that impressions depend up on our overall personality, may it be our conduct, character, thoughts, philosophy, the way we talk, the way we behave and the way people observe , receive or respond to it. 

This impression can be positive or negative. All positive impressions can be classified as assets and all negative impressions can be classified as liabilities.

Irrespective of whether it is positive or negative, it is sensitive to the following:

1.        Impression is transferable. One can transfer impression in to the minds of many others.

2.        Impression is susceptible. Any small negative waves can impact the positive impression. But, any small positive waves cannot impact negative impressions.

3.        Impression is convertible. Positive impression can turn to be negative quickly. But, negative impression will take time to convert to positive.

4.        Impression is flexible. That means, it can grow, stay stable or diminish. All that depends up on our personality and also the message being spread by others about us.

5.        Impression cannot be stored and to be used as and when we need it. 

6.        Positive Impression is an intangible asset to an individual which will open up new opportunities. At the same time, a negative impression may result in loss of many opportunities.  Hence, we can classify in the accounting terminology that Positive impression as Intangible Asset and Negative impression as continent liability. 

Without any of our efforts, obviously, there will be some impression positive or negative or mix of both. However, with a conscious effort in this regard, we can build positive impression and grow to make it an Intangible Asset.

But, the question is, how many CAs really work towards creating an impression. How may CAs create impression to their clients, Government authorities, their own staff and article students or their own bosses if in employment or in the society at large? Is it not required or it is not applicable or is it not relevant for our profession?

I feel, yes, we have to give necessary attention to such matters and these become important in our endeavor to prosper.

As I said, let people keep on gauging everyone from time to time based on the impression they carry with them about us. Let different people carry different impressions on the same person. We have no control over their mindset. It is up to them to carry any impression about us. But, certainly, we can create a positive and right impression in their uncontrolled mind.

According to a Sanskrit Shloka a positive Impression can be created mainly by 5 important aspects i.e.,

विद्येया वपुषा, वाचा, वस्त्रेण, विभवेन |

1.        Sound knowledge: Obviously, a profound knowledge possessed by an individual creates positive impression.

2.        Charismatic personality: Mere appearance of a charismatic personality can create positive impression

3.        Effective Speaking: Even though 1 and 2 above are not there, splendid speaking skill can create positive impression

4.        Proper packaging / dress style : Proper dress core, hair style etc will certainly add to create right impression 

5.        Wealth: State of the art office setup, using world class articles and gadgets, classy vehicle etc. also help to create the right impression in the minds of clients, employees and article assistants and public at large.

Kindly try with these 5 aspects and the external world will observe and carry a different impressions at their own.

Hope the busy audit season is going on smoothly.

Thanks to Finance Minister and GST Council for postponing due date for GST Annual Return Filing. Yes, it has been postponed multiple times and still, the return filing is more difficult than doing business itself. Endeavor is to make ease of business. However, we are yet to reach there. 

Dear friends,

Indian economy is experiencing a dip in its growth in GDP Terms in the last quarter and I feel, the situation is continued in August also. There is shortage of money in the circulation for Business and Commerce. Banks tend to be conservative in lending. As always, in such situation, Small businesses will be in big trouble. No matter what protections are given under MSME Act. Employees not in key roles have risk of losing jobs. That means, more and more professional consulting and out sourced work will be coming to practicing CAs.

Snapshot of Last Six Months Initiatives:

After taking charge as Chairman of Bengaluru Branch on 20th February 2019 along with the new Managing Committee Members a snapshot of Last Six Months Initiatives are given below. We have made good progress in serving the students. Served more than 1,500 additional students as compare to same period last year. A snapshot of the same is as under:

Sl No


Jan to July 2018

Jan to July 2019


No. of Students

No. of Students

No. of Students

















Adv' ITT





Coaching class






















CPT/Foundation, Intermediate and Final result: Happy to inform that the May 2019 results were announced on 23rd August 2019. Hearty Congratulations to all the students & wish you all the very best in future endeavours. I thank the faculty members who have put their efforts and ardent work in achieving this.

Major programs in the month of August 2019

1.      SPORTS MEET: Members sports meet was held on 11th August 2019 at BEL Ground, Jalahalli. It was Inaugurated by CA Narayana S Bhat, Senior CA. More than 100 members participated in the event in BEL Ground. It was a successful sports event.

2.      VIDWATH SABHA : One Day Seminar on ICDS and Tax Audit was held in 17th August 2019 at Devaraj Urs Bhawan. Hon’ble MP
Shri. Tejasvi Surya kindly inaugurated and addressed our Members. Eminent Speakers like
CA Gururaj Acharya, CA Prashanth GS and
CA.B.P. Sachin Kumar handled the various topics splendidly and many members were benefitted. I thank all the speakers for their contribution in this regard.

3.      PRABHATH PRAVACHAN: Since it is busy days due to audit season, members find it convenient to come for early morning breakfast meetings. Hence, we had very good attendance for Prabhath Pravachan on 24th August 2019. CS J Sundharesan had handled the session on Directors Report and disclosure in notes to accounts under the Companies Act 2013. I thank CA J Sundharesan for his contribution.

Major upcoming programs:

1.      VISHARADA - 3 Day Workshop on Transfer Pricing. Since there are many regulatory changes impacting transfer pricing, we have scheduled 3 Day detailed program on the same. Eminent speakers from Bangalore & Hyderabad will be handling the sessions. Request members not to miss this opportunity, though it is tax and statutory audit season.

2.      Vidwath Sabha: One Day Seminar on Search, Survey and Settlement Commission on 21st September 2019. Chairman of Settlement Commission, Mumbai has kindly agreed to handle one technical session. Request members to block your calendar and do not miss despite your busy audit schedule.

3.      Joint Program : The Business World has been witnessing encouraging developments in recent times in the Business Mergers and Acquisition space. In this milieu, St. Josephs Evening College in association with Bengaluru Branch of ICAI is organizing a One Day National Conference on "Multidimensional Perspectives to Business Mergers and Acquisitions - Opportunities and Challenges” on 14th September 2019 at Museum Road, Bengaluru.  

Update on the new Initiatives of Bengaluru Branch

1.      New feature in Mobile App : We have opened up new feature in ICAI Bengaluru Mobile App. With that, Members & Students can give feedback / rating for all our programs online. It will help us and the speaker to improve on the same. Kindly go to google play store, download Bengaluru ICAI Mobile App.

2.      New feature in our Website : We have introduced new feature in the website, wherein, once members register for a program, system will pop up and allow to submit two questions on the subject. It will help the speaker to understand the expectation of the delegates and also to cover repeated questions. Kindly use this feature.

3.      Upgrading Computer Labs: Our Computer labs were having system as old as 10 plus years. We have replaced all old computers with 150 new systems and now the lab is fully up to date, functional and available for students.

4.      Additional ITT lab. We had applied to HO for additional 150 computers to expand the ITT facility. HO had promised to deliver the new systems by end of August. However, there is some delay and we expect the same in September 2019.

5.      Career Counselling Program: New student registration is not very impressive as compared to last year same period. We believe that the reason is due to delay in PU and Degree exam results in view of general elections. However, we find that, the interest level among students to opt for CA course looks not impressive due to uncertainty of passing in CA and also that, the news about few CAs being arrested is so widely spread among the student community and many students feel, it is a risky profession even after passing and are going after some other course. We have an onerous responsibility to spread right impression about our profession.

As informed in few of our earlier editions, we have taken the task of making Career Counselling Program in minimum 100 colleges and requested members to volunteer and show interest to go to the college where you have studies and do career counselling program. However, though few members showed interest and we have completed career counselling program in 8 colleges and we expect that more response from members will come in due course.

Friends, I wish you all the very best in discharge of your statutory responsibility as Auditor. It is a gentle reminder to all of us that, with the UDIN becoming mandatory and no backdated UDIN can be generated beyond 15 days, all the audits required to be completed on time.

Before signing off my message, I would like to solicit your continued friendly suggestions and co-operation as always in our efforts to serve for the cause of the profession in our Race for relevance, Ready for radical change and unleashing the potential.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

CA Bhat Shivaram Shankar