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CA. Bhat Shivaram Shankar
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Chairman's Communique . . .

My Dear Esteemed Members,

After all, what is the purpose of life? Indian Rishis have realized that, the purpose of life is to cleanup and purify our soul, through “ज्ञान” the knowledge, make it free from all emotional elements and elevate ourselves to be part and parcel of “परमात्मा”, where, once we reach, we go out of the vicious circle of birth and death permanently, where once we reach, we never return back / यम् गत्वा न Ìनवतïते तदधामं परमं पदम्. 

How to become immortal?

न कमïणा न प्रजया धनेन त्यागेनैके अमृतत्वमानशुः

Indian Rishis have realized the utmost truth that, one cannot become immortal by his work, one cannot become immortal by the support of his people, one cannot become immortal by the wealth he possesses. But, the only one way he can become immortal is by “त्याग”, i.e. offering or donating for a righteous cause.

Today, we are fortunate to witness such a “त्याग”  by way of donating a property to ICAI for the cause of the profession, to be used in furtherance of propagating knowledge for the mankind.

My Dear Friends, we are immensely pleased to inform to you that Ms. Sudha Janardhan, wife of Late CA S Janardhan has graciously donated 3952.50 Sq. Ft. property in Rajajinagar to our Institute for the cause of the profession. The property title deed also has been registered in the name of the Institute on 13th June 2019.

On behalf of Bengaluru Branch of SIRC of ICAI, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Ms. Sudha Janardhan, wife of Late CA S Janardhan for such a gracious donation. On behalf of all of us, we pray, the god to bless Ms. Sudha Janardhan and her family with good health, peace and happiness and wish her to enjoy her fulfilling life.

Infrastructure Committee of Central Council has assumed the responsibility of constructing the premise for our branch's activities and we expect that the facility will be available by early 2021.

My Dear Friends, as per the new guidelines from CPE Committee for free programs no CPE credit. Bengaluru Branch has been conducting few programs like Investor Awareness, Analysis of Union Budget as an awareness program and Wednesday Study circle programs over decades, without charging any fees, yet members were getting CPE credit. Now, the Branch is continuing to conduct these programs. However, in terms of the above instructions from CPE Committee, the CPE credit for those members who have attended such free programs are not credited. The criteria for giving CPE Credit should be purely based on the attendance of the Members for these sessions and not based on whether the Member has paid for these programs or not. The purpose of the very concept of CPE program and its purpose will be defeated if the credit is denied because the program is not charged. We are in discussion with the HO to get these credits regularized. We also requested the Central Council Members from South to help us to get exemption from this new requirement for our Branch as a special case, so that, we can continue to hold programs as in the past.

Major programs in the month of June 2019

1.                “SAMARTHA” – the 16th Karnataka State Level Conference held on June 7th and 8th was a grand success. More than 1000 CAs from all over Karnataka and other nearby states have witnessed and benefitted from the same. Hon'ble Minister for Animal husbandry and Fisheries Mr. Venkatrao Nadagowda had kindly inaugurated the program. Our eloquent and eminent speakers have deliberated on various topics of professional interest. All sessions were orienting towards Race for Relevance, Ready for Radical change and to Unleashing the potential.

                    Spiritual session by Professor K S Narayanacharya on ethical and moral values in profession was a new learning. It was well received by the Members.

                    On behalf of the Managing Committee of Bengaluru Branch of SIRC of ICAI, I thank all the Speakers, the Vendors and other Professionals and importantly the delegates and our able staff for making this program a memorable one.

2.                VIDWATH SABHA - One Day Seminar on Annual Returns & GST Audit was held on Sunday, 23rd June 2019 between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm at Vasanthnagar Branch Premises. Expert & eminent Speakers shared their expertise in the above said Seminar and 187 Members benefitted from the same.

3.                TARKA SABHA – One Day Seminar on International Taxation at Hotel Taj Vivanta was held on 28th June 2019. 84 Members were benefitted through the same.

4.                YOGA DAY – A perfect harmony between mind & body, man & nature; a holistic approach to health & wellbeing, International Yoga Day was organized on 21st June 2019. The Yoga Teachers

Mrs. Anuradha Arya & Ms. B.K. Prasana from Brahma Kumaris taught yoga for the benefit of Members & Students.

5.                First Breakfast Meeting on 29th June was held at Branch Premises. CA. Vishnu Moorthi H addressed on Tax issues – ITR for Non Residents. 121 Members attended and enriched their knowledge from the above.

Major upcoming programs:

1.                CA Day celebration is scheduled on 1st July 2019 in ICAI Bhavan, As part of it, flag hoisting, blood Donation Camp, Planting saplings, Marathon & Swacch Bharat Abhiyan are planned.

2.                AGM: As informed in the earlier Newsletter, 57th Annual General Body Meeting is scheduled on 5th July 2019 in S Narayanan Auditorium, ICAI Bhavan, Bengaluru. Request Members to attend the same.

3.                VICHARA GOSHTI : 26th Program of Union Budget Analysis 2019 is scheduled on 6th July 2019 in Christ University Auditorium. Eminent and committed Moderators CA T V Mohandas and

CA S Krishnan along with other eminent Panelists have agreed to analyze and deliberate on the Union Budget 2019.  We request members to get benefitted from the same.

4.                CHARCHA GOSHTI - A detailed Clause by Clause Discussion on Union Budget 2019 over 2 days is scheduled on 19th and 20th June 2019 in R G Royale Hotel and Convention Center, Rajajinagar.

I Request members to register online at the earliest

5.                SPORTS MEET: To inspire & face challenges in life, Cricket Match is organized on 11th August 2019 at BEL Main Ground.

Update on the New Initiatives of Bengaluru Branch

1.      Additional Computer Systems for our computer lab is still pending for approval at HO. However, temporarily, we are able to conduct additional ITT classes in rented computer lab in VVN with 80 systems since last month and the same will continue till we get additional systems from HO. We have provided ITT training to more than 800 students in the month of June.

2.      Faculty Selection Drive: As you are aware, we had opened up facility to accept online application in our website for faculty and received more than 80 applications. Under the able coordination of CA Allama Prabhu, the past Chairman of our Branch, and with the  able support of eminent speakers, CA Gururaj Acharya, CA Jatin Christopher,
CA Nanu Mallya, CA Mohan Lavi and others, the screening and selection process is completed.  I, on behalf of Bengaluru Branch of SIRC of ICAI, thank all the Members who helped to complete this process in a methodical way and special thanks to CA Allama Prabhu for spearheading and driving the same to a conclusion.

         Though the outcome is not quite impressive, we are happy that lot of new faculty resources are identified. Heartening to note that, interest showed to teach for CA final is very poor. We have a real challenge in identifying new faculty to strengthen the coaching classes for CA final. We encourage Members to take up teaching as a profession and passion. Teaching is the one where we get a real happiness and feel fulfilling life.

3.      Additional ITT lab - We had applied to HO for additional computers to upgrade and expand the ITT facility. The recent update from HO is that, the same is approved and new computers are expected to reach us by July end or early august. Hope to make the new systems available to students in the month of August 2019.

4.      Career Counselling Program: As informed in our earlier editions, we have taken the task of making career counselling program in minimum 100 colleges and requested members to volunteer and show interest to go to the college where you have studied and do career counselling program. However, though few Members showed interest and we have completed Career Counselling Program in 6 colleges and we expect that more response from Members will come in due course.

5.      Career Counselling tie up with Government of Karnataka:

         It is observed that, the awareness about CA course at the college level is very poor. With the able leadership of SIRC Member CA Pannaraj, ICAI has signed an MOU with Department of Education, Government of Karnataka to provide Career Counselling to all Government Colleges and Higher Secondary Schools.  I take this opportunity to thank Shri. Umashankar, the Principal Secretary, Education Department Govt of Karnataka and under Secretary, Shri Nadhan for realizing the importance of commerce education and taking initiative in this regard. Also, I thank, CA Sambit Kumar Mishra and our DCO Staff, SIRC and MC members for their support to make this happen.

         On the one hand, we have the big task of managing the Career Counselling Programs in more than 2,000 schools and colleges and on the other, expect that, we can, through a methodical approach, achieve the same and we expect that in future, more number of quality students will come to CA course.

Friends, regular audit season starts now and I wish you all the very best in discharge of your statutory responsibility as Auditor.  It is a gentle reminder to all of us that, with the UDIN becoming mandatory and no backdated UDIN can be generated beyond
15 days, all the audits required to be completed on time.

Before signing off my message, I would like to solicit your continued friendly suggestions and co-operation as always in our efforts to serve for the cause of the profession and the students in our Race for relevance, Ready for radical change and Unleashing the potential.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

CA Bhat Shivaram Shankar