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CA. Bhat Shivaram Shankar
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    CA. Bhat Shivaram Shankar

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My Dear Esteemed Members,

It is a great honor for me to hold the responsibility as the 50th Chairman of 57 year old Bangalore Branch, being the ICAI’s biggest and the most vibrant Branch in India having more than 13,500 Members and 35,000 Students.

In a way, it is the path breaking year. I believe, I happen to be:

-      The first person from Industry in the 57 years of history of the Branch, to assume the office of the Chairman.

-      The first person from Industry to serve in all office bearers positions in this lovely branch.

-     Only member currently in the Managing Committee, being elected for the 3rd term.

I acknowledge with deep sense of gratitude that for the first time you have elected me for the term 2013-16, with 3rd highest majority of votes and 2nd highest in the second term 2016-19 and now for the 3rd term 2019-22 with the 1st Highest majority of votes.

It is my culture to thank you from the bottom of my heart for progressively reposing trust, confidence and faith in me. While expressing my sincere thanks to the then Chairman, CA. Allama Prabhu for nominating me as Chairman SICASA in 2015-16, I also thank the MC Members who have whole heartedly supported and unanimously elected me to be the Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Chairman over the past two  terms.

The world will be bright when sun comes in the chariot with 7 horses and single wheel. Similarly, this year, our one wheel MC is with the ‘Saptaashwas’ the 7 driving forces- the MC members, who are, myself, CA Raveendra S. Kore, Vice Chairman, CA BT Shetty, Secretary and CA Srinivasa T, Treasurer, CA Divya S, Chairperson SICASA, who are elected for the 2nd term to MC and CA Swarnalatha and CA Panindra Gupta, the newly elected young members of MC expect to bring more brightness to the Branch. This MC chariot is supervised and guided by thrilochanas – 3 observing eyes, who are none other than CA. Pampanna BE, Treasurer, SIRC,  CA. Geetha AB, and CA. Pannaraj S, the ex-officios' and MC members of SIRC. While I congratulate the newly elected Managing Committee Members for the year 2019-22, I thank them for electing me as the Chairman. I am indebted to thank you all once again for gifting me with a wonderful and cohesive team of most enthusiastic, efficient and creative leaders to work with a common goal. This team is set to perform exceptionally well far exceeding the expectations. With such a marvelous team, I will strive my level best, using all the energy at my command to serve the Branch, the profession, the large student community and other stakeholders to take the largest branch to the highest level.

While breaking the path, being a Finance and Management Professional, I come from Information Technology Industry, one of the Intel cap high-end Fin Tech Company, engaged in the e-commerce and mobile payment security solutions for Banks for their debit/credit cards, including virtual cards and mobile wallets, helping to move money using smart phones. As Vice President, Finance of the company, while sparing my precious time for the cause of the profession, I thank my Board, the Promoters, the VCs and my Finance Team in particular, who have supported and accommodated me to rise up to the Chairmanship.

Let me begin my message with great news to you. On 23rd February 2019, in Chennai, I was so excited when SIRC has announced that Bangalore Branch is the winner of “Best Branch (2018-19)” award in Southern India Mega Branch category. To add to my excitement, SIRC has further announced that Bangalore Branch is the winner of “Best Branch SICASA (2018-19)” award. Countless tears broke out of happiness!  My heart felt congratulations to both CA. Shravan Guduthur, the Immediate Past Chairman and CA. Srinivasa T, the Immediate Past Chairman, SICASA for their smart and hard work, dedication, commitment and the pain taken by them to achieve this grand success.


Friends, I learnt that, when we stay focused on job and not on result, the outcome will be good result and people certainly will appreciate it !.  कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते I फलेषु कदा चन  will be the mantra for me this year !


My Dear Professional Colleagues,

The number ‘50’ is normally a turning point. I have to inform you that, 49 CAs from Practice had to put their selfless and untiring efforts as Chairmen of this Branch, to get the 50th Chairman from Industry.  While thanking them for their dedication and commitment for the cause of the profession, I would like to assure that, I will also pledge myself to keep up to the set standards, raise the bar and strive to reach the ever growing expectations of the Members, Students, Branch and other Stakeholders.  महाजनो येन गतः  पन्थाः “the way successful people followed will become the path for others”   will not be forgotten by me!

Race for Relevance

My Dear Friends, we are in the era of fast changing World. The one which who does not change will loose its relevance. वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयन्ति विचक्षणाः Clever people will change according to the changing  times in order to stay relevant.  As professionals, we need to continuously keep improving to be relevant professional in the world.


Ready for radical change

In order to be on top of the happening World, we need to be ready for radical change and should be the pioneer in setting the trend for the radical change. That will save us to be relevant for the future.

Unleash the potential

While keeping pace with the race for relevance and being ready for radical change, we have to unleash the potential, explore newer opportunities for the betterment of the profession

Therefore, this year, the mantras are: Race for Relevance, Ready for Radical Change and Unleash the Potential.

We, at ICAI Bangalore Branch, design various action plans in the light of the above mantras and provide enhanced platform capabilities for Members and Students. It is the request to the Members and Students to be benefitted in their endeavor to stay relevant, adept to the radical change and unleash the potential.

My Dear Members, I wish to give attention to the minute details. Strive to bring in very basic fundamentals first.

Inculcating a cultural shift

-     We will witness that the Human Resources at the Branch will receive you, Welcome, Greet and Help you as a Friend, whenever you visit the Branch with due Respect and Dignity. Let us reciprocate the same to   them. They are here to serve for our Members and Students.

-   We will witness the professionalism in the attitude and appearance, may it be in attending phone calls, resolving queries or extending support, with a ‘serve my customer’ approach.

-      The Human Resource will volunteer to help you to get Registrations for the upcoming Programs and reserving seats for you etc.

-       The look and feel of the Branch will be more of corporate and elegant.


While transitioning from the previous MC and the Immediate Past Chairman to the new Committee and new Chairman, we have taken abundant precautions to ensure that the momentum of activities is not interrupted. Programs are being scheduled and happening as usual. 

I am glad to witness the inauguration of the opening program “Manthana” half day Seminar by our beloved Senior CA. my Guru,  CA K. S. Ravi Shankar with his opening session on ‘Landmark Judgment impacting GST’  was an eye opener for the jam-packed delegates in our Narayanan Auditorium. Eye brows were raised after hearing session on ‘Finance Bills & Startup Taxation’ by yet another Guru, CA. H. Padamchand Khincha.

Major Upcoming Programs:

1.  “Investor Awareness” a full day Seminar is scheduled on 2nd March 2019 at Narayana Auditorium, ICAI Bhavan and the online registration is open. 

2.  “Annual Bank Branch Audit” yet another full day Seminar is scheduled on 23rd March 2019 at Hotel Chancery Pavilion and the online registration is open. 

3.  Apart from the above, half day Seminars will be happening and regular Study Circle Programs will continue as usual.

We are exploring the opportunities for holding Study Circles in East, West, North and South near metro stations to

help Members locally and also for others who can reach out easily. To start with one center at Vijayanagar and one

in Basavanagudi are expected very soon.


Make use of the facilities : 

It is my humble request for both Members and Students to make use of the following:

ü  Bangalore ICAI Mobile App

ü  Online booking of Programs

ü  ICAI Bangalore facebook for live programs

ü  Insurance policy for CAs in our website

Coaching classes :

We are concerned and have put aggressive and effective action plans to improve the popularity and stickiness of our Coaching Classes. We are on our toes to swiftly turn the stone and regain the popularity of our Coaching Classes.

Well known Legendary Speakers like CA. K.S Ravishankar and CA. H. Padamchand Khincha have agreed to step in and bring in more charm to the Coaching Classes. We are approaching the other Renowned Guest Speakers and sure that, with their added glamour, our faculty will be more excited to teach in the jam-packed sessions of brilliant students. Collectively, we expect to regain the popularity and better success rate from our coaching class and attain the ultimate satisfaction for the Gurus.

We have many initiatives and action plans for the entire term of 2019-22 in line with the 3 mantras as mentioned herein earlier. The plans for the year 2019-20 are though big, still achievable if executed well within the given 52 weeks’ time for me. I look forward to unfold the plans in next messages and request you to early wait till then.

Before signing off my opening message, I would like to seek your blessings and solicit your continued friendly suggestions and co-operation as always in our efforts to serve for the cause of the profession and the students in our race for relevant, ready for radical changes and unleashing the potential.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


CA Bhat Shivaram Shankar