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C A Divya S
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    C A Divya S

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My Dear Students,


Hearty Greetings to all of you!


I am delighted to communicate to you for the first time as the Chairperson of SICASA for the period 2019-20. I deem it privilege to serve the members and students at Bangalore Branch, which is one of the most happening branch with more than 30,000 students registered for CA Course.


When we take up an education, integrally it consists of two parts. One makes you Earn a living & another teaches you How to live! When one takes up a professional course one needs to study the way in which it’s designed as well as the way he’s supposed to act after qualification. Hence to be a true professional one needs to build all – around development. Of course priority for studies should be given but it should not be the only way out. Therefore to excel in demanding fields Bangalore Branch aids the students in all possible ways.


We have successfully conducted the SICASA First Programme for the year 2019-20 on grace day of the year, 27th February 2019 on the topic – Career Counselling at Harnahalli Ramaswamy Institute of Higher Education, Hassan. More than 200 students enthusiastically participated and got inputs to decide on their future career. We are planning to conduct more such program on the coming days to encourage students to join chartered accountancy course on right time.


The Months Ahead:


We are planning to conduct a seminar on Bank Branch Audit on March 2019 & another program on GST. Both programs aimed to equip the students with better knowledge on the upcoming audits amid changing laws, regulations and systems. I request each one of you to participate in all SICASA programs and make use of the programs to enrich your knowledge.


 The Year Ahead:


This year we are planning to conduct various programs for the benefits of students, few of the program ideas listed below .


v March 2019 – Bank Audit Seminar

v April    2019 – Program on How to face CA Exams

v May    2019 -  Seminar on Companies Audit  & GST

v June   2019 – SICASA Sports Meet

v July    2019 – One day trip to Historical places & Industrial Visit

v August 2019 – Seminar on Tax Audit

v Sept   2019 – Workshop on computer aided audit techniques

v Oct    2019 – Program on How to face CA Exams

v Nov  2019 – SICASA Students Festival

v Dec 2019 =  Student Conference

v Planning to conduct study circle meetings, Industrial Visit & Study Tour every month and Career Counselling Program.


Apart from the above we are planning to have more interactive programs and events like Quiz competitions, blood donation camps, Motivational Sessions, CA Day and Every Sunday SICASA Forum Program Oral Communication & Leadership Skill Development Program at Sub Branch RCR Students can come forward and suggest for more new events and initiatives which would consider on merits and help to arrange for the programs as appropriate.


Before I Conduct let me recall a motivating line from Swami Vivekananda .” Everything that is Excellent will come when this sleeping soul is aroused to self-conscious activity”.


Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached!


With these initiative in mind I wish you all the very best. I Wish & hope that you all will excel in exams and life.



CA. Divya. S
Chairperson, SICASA