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ICAI 2018-19

Name of the publications01-Apr-2018 to 30-Aug-2018

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BGM on W.Shop on Taxation of Real Estate Tran(2015)167 no1000.00


An Update on Compendium of Opinions Vol I - XX1 no.150.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 019 no.135.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 029 no.40.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 035 no.30.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 049 no.30.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 0510 no.40.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 0611 no.50.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 0710 no.40.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 089 no.80.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 098 no.75.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 107 no.60.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 119 no.60.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 1210 no.60.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 139 no.60.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 145 no.80.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 155 no.100.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 165 no.100.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 178 no.100.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 188 no.100.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 1918 no.125.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 218 no.150.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 224 no.150.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 235 no.150.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 242 no.150.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 2731 no.250.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 282 no.300.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol - 3137 no.250.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol - 3220 no.325.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 35 (March, 2017)11 no.250.00

GN on Accounting & Auditing of Political Parties40 no.45.00

G N on Ac for Depreciation in Companies49 no.15.00

TG on Revenue on Recongtn for Software43 no.100.00

G N on Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements (Sep, 2016)11 no.150.00

G N on Audit Report & Cert for Special Purposes25 no.20.00

G N on Rep in Company Prospet (Rev)25 no.150.00

G N on Reports in Company Prospectuses (Revised 2016)31 no.200.00

G N on Reports Or Certificates for Special Purposes Revised 2016 (Sept, 2016)7 no.150.00

Guidance Note on Audit of Banks (Feb, 2017)22 no.350.00

Handbook of Auditing Ponouncements October - 20151 no.900.00

Imple. Guide on Auditor,S Reports U/ I A S for Transition Phase (Aug, 2016)19 no.150.00

Implementation Guide on Audit of I F C Over F R with S R to S, L, Complex (Aug, 2016)

24 no.150.00

Implementation Guide to Materiality in Plan & Perfo40 no.100.00

Impl. G on Auditor's Report U/R 11(D) of Co Amnd Rules, 2017 & Amnd to Sch III to Co Act, 2013 (April, 2017)

8 no.50.00

TG on Audit in Automobile Industry16 no.300.00

T G on Audit of Non-Banking Financial Companies (Revised July, 2016)7 no.300.00

T G on E-Commerce Cons for Aud of Fin Stmts7 no.125.00

FAQs Peer Review Board (February, 2018)15 no.75.00

FAQs P R Board 20097 no.75.00

Handbook on Advisories for Peer Reviewers (Feb, 2018)35 no.75.00

Handbook on Advisories for Practice Units (Feb, 2018)25 no.75.00

ICAI New Year Calendar, 2018200 no.70.00

ICAI New Year Diary, 2018154 no.270.00

Lapel Pin CA Member (Mag) June 20161 no.50.00

Neck Tie12 no.290.00

TG on Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (July, 2017)20 no.165.00

Clean Development Mechanism & Carbon Credits - A Primer21 no.150.00

Code of Governance for NGOs15 no.250.00

FAQs on Companies Act, 2013 (Feb, 2017) - New8 no.90.00

G N on Division II - Ind AS Schedule III to the Companies Act 2013 (July, 2017)27 no.200.00

Question Bank on IBBI Limited Insolvency Examination (Feb, 2018)6 no.400.00

Code of Ethics - 200910 pcs240.00

FAQsOn Ethical Issues(Rev February 2012)29 no.50.00

Data Analysis for Auditors (Practical Case Studies on Using CAAT's) (September, 2017)

13 no.400.00

Disa at Mock Test Papers6 no.200.00

DISA Case Study Compendium (OCT-2015)9 no.50.00

DISA Glossary - 201510 no.50.00

Early Signals of Fraud in Banking Sector (Aug, 2017)16 no.400.00

ISA Background Material 2.0 Course-Module I to VIII (Sep. 2015)4 no.750.00

Sample Information Systems Audit and Forensic Audit Report (Sep, 2016)15 no.100.00

Study on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection (Sep, 2017)14 no.100.00

T G on Expatriates Taxation (July, 2017)10 no.120.00

TG on Systems Aud of Stock Brokers CTCL/IML14 no.200.00

Practical Approach to General Ins Management13 no.450.00

Study on Benfits Pref Trade Agreements12 no.200.00

Background Material on Due Diligence9 no.350.00

Education Material on Indian As (Ind AS) 18 Revenue (Sep, 2017)18 no.70.00

Guide on Environmental Audit Jan - 201212 no.150.00

Internal Audit Checklist (February, 2017)6 no.120.00

Manual on Concurrent Audit of Banks (Revised) - Oct, 20168 no.350.00

TG on Bus Cont Monitoring & Int Aud of Const Sector18 no.250.00

TG on Int Audit of Not for Profit Oranisations NPOs2 no.150.00

TG on Int Audit of Pharmaceutical Industry - 201312 no.100.00

TG on Int Audit of Tendering Process11 no.150.00

TG on Int Aud of Intangible Assets21 no.150.00

TG on Inter Audit of Stock Brokers6 no.250.00

TG on Internal Audit of Beverages Industry22 no.250.00

TG on Internal Audit of Const Industry16 no.150.00

TG on Internal Audit of Infrastructure Industry37 no.150.00

TG on Internal Audit of Mining and Extract Industry29 no.150.00

TG on Internal Audit of Petrochemical Industry23 no.135.00

TG On Internal Audit of Retail Industry36 no.175.00

TG on Internal Audit of Sugar Industry28 no.120.00

A Ready Referencer on Indicative Professional Opportunity Area in Select Commercial & Economic Laws

3 no.255.00

A Study on Draft, Conv Stamping & Other Documents3 no.230.00

A Study on Foreign Contribution Act 1976 An Analysis3 no.400.00

Background Material on Customs & FTP (Aug, 2016)6 no.80.00

Background Material on GST Acts and Draft Rules, 2017 (May, 2017)60 no.450.00

Background Material on GST Acts and Rules, August, 20171 no.800.00

Background Material on GST Acts & Rules January, 2018 (Vol-1&2)2 no.1000.00

Background Material on Litigation Management (Aug, 2016)3 no.140.00

Background Material on Model GST Law (July, 2016)29 no.450.00

Background Material on Revised Model GST Law (Feb, 2017)6 no.450.00

Background Material on UAE-VAT Federal Decree Law (No.8) 2017 (Sep, 2017)8 no.230.00

Bare Law on GST Act(S) and Draft Rule(S) (April, 2017)377 no.130.00

BGM Programme on Enabling Service Tax Practice (Aug, 2016)20 no.230.00

Compliances of Service Tax/GST in Banking Sector (April, 2018)13 no.135.00

FAQs and MCQs on GST (June, 2017)121 no.250.00

FAQs and MCQs on Revised Model GST Law (Feb, 2017)2 no.200.00

Revised Model GST Law (Draft Bare Law) Dec, 201673 no.80.00

Compendium of Accounting Standards As on July 1, 20174 no.650.00

G N on Accounting for Self-Generated CERs16 no.40.00

Aspects of International Taxation - A Study Revised 2016 (Oct, 2016)9 no.600.00

G N on Report U/s 92E of the IT Act 1961 (Transfer Pricing) (Oct, 2016)53 no.300.00

G N on Report U/S 92E of the IT Act, 1961 (Transfer Pricing) (Revised 2017)20 no.350.00

T G on Royalty and Fees for Technical Services ( Feb, 2018)21 no.200.00

The C A Act 1949 Updated July 1, 201317 no.80.00

The CA Regulations, 1988 Updated July 1, 20138 no.150.00

Study on Compliance of Financial Reporting Requirements Vol-III (Feb, 2018)12 no.650.00

Compendium of ITFG Clarification Bulletins (February, 2018)20 no.150.00

Educational Material (Ind AS) 103 Business Combinations (April, 2018)13 no.100.00

Educational Material (Ind AS) 37 Provisions,Contingent (Feb 16)15 no.50.00

Educational Material on (Ind AS 10) June - 20153 no.50.00

Educational Material on Ind AS1 Presntn of Fin Stmt41 no.100.00

Educational Material on (Ind AS) 1 Prst of FinStat (Feb 2016)15 no.60.00

Educational Material on (Ind As) 2 Inventories (Feb 2016)15 no.40.00

Educational Material on Ind AS 37 Provi,Contingent Liabilities7 no.75.00

Educational Material on (Ind AS) 7 Stat. of Cash Flows (Feb 2016)15 no.50.00

Educational Material on Ind AS 7 Stmnt of Cash Flow40 no.75.00

GN on Ac for Oil & Gas Producing Activities Feb -1323 no.50.00

TG on Accounting Issues in the Retail Sector21 no.50.00

T G on Ac for Microfinance Institutions3 no.150.00

TG on AC Not for Profit Organisations (NPOs)57 no.150.00

External Commercial Borrowings: A Practitioners Guide35 no.200.00

Guide to Mngt of Practice for Small Medium Sized21 no.50.00

Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) - an Overveiw (Aug, 2016)14 no.150.00

Compendium of ASLBs (June 2015)8 pcs400.00

DISA Review Questions, Answers Manual (Updated) (May, 2018)4 no.300.00

Educational Material (Ind AS) 16 Property, Plant and Equipment (Aug, 2017)19 no.75.00

G N on Accounting for Oil & Gas Producing Activities (Dec, 2016)9 no.50.00

A HB on SEZ (2011)10 pcs300.00

BGM on GST (Annexure to BGM on GST Free)156 pcs275.00

Compendium of Implementation Guide to Engagement & Quality Control Standards 2012

18 no.500.00

Compliances of Service Tax in Banking Sector(2014)25 pcs125.00

GN on Acc for Rate Regulated Activities - Feb 201217 no.40.00

TG on Internal/Concurrent Audit of IF Ins Companies5 pcs150.00

TG on Royalty & Fees for Techincal Services -20118 no.75.00


Aplctn Guide on the Provn of Sch II to the Co.Act1315 pcs150.00

A Study on Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 200224 pcs300.00

Background Material on GST (Feb-2016)21 pcs450.00

Central Excise Law & Procedures for Jewellery Industry 201677 pcs70.00

Checklist for Disclosures Under A/C Stads (2007)2 pcs100.00

Compendium of A.Std Sep,20141 pcs800.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 252 pcs175.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol 2916 pcs300.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol.3015 pcs175.00

Compendium of Opinions Vol-33 (June,2015)14 pcs400.00

Compendium of Opinions (Vol-34)1 pcs500.00


Compendium of SIA (July 1, 2013)1 pcs300.00

Compliances of Service Tax in Banking Sector 201698 pcs55.00

Comp Regn Provison Under VAT Laws Diff States (201336 pcs250.00

Comp Works Contract Prov U/s VAT Laws Diff States4 pcs450.00

Data Analysis for Auditors Using CAAT's3 pcs400.00

Educational Material on Ind AS 2 Inventories66 pcs50.00

Edu Material on Ind AS 108 Operating Segments(2013)1 pcs75.00

Edu Material on Ind AS 18 Revenue(2013)6 pcs75.00

E-Learning Inf.Systms Security, Cyber Threats4 pcs100.00

E-Learning Module on Windows, Network Wi-Fi Securit8 pcs100.00

E-Learning/Using CAATs/GAS CD11 pcs100.00


Framework for Assurance Engagements9 pcs50.00

GN on Accounting for Exe on CSR Activities (2015)1 pcs50.00

GN on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions (201220 pcs40.00

GN on A/c for Real Estate Transactions (May-2016)27 pcs35.00

Gn on Audit of Banks (2015)161 pcs750.00

GN on Audit of Banks (2016 Edition)24 pcs750.00

GN on CARO, 201683 pcs300.00

GN on Certification of XBRL Financial Statemen 20112 pcs100.00

GN on Rep.on Fraud U/s 143(12) of the Com.Act, 20134 pcs200.00

GN on Report U/s 115JC of IT Act, 1961 (2013)49 pcs50.00

GN on Report U/s 92E (Transfer Pricing)- Aug 201334 pcs250.00

GN on The Rev Schedule VI to the Co Act 1956(2011)67 pcs200.00

Goods & Services Tax in India & Role of CAs16 pcs50.00

Guide on Risk-Based Internal Audit (2007)23 pcs250.00

Guide to Audit of Complex Fin Instruments12 pcs150.00

HB on Professional Opportunities in IA (2011)11 pcs250.00

Indian AS (IND AS): An Overview (July - 2015)17 pcs150.00

ISA Prospectus Updated with CD18 pcs150.00

Manual on Concurrent Audit of Banks (2012)25 pcs450.00

Professional Oppor for Members - an Appraisal (20092 pcs200.00

Study on Compliance of Fin Report Reqs Vol.II (201422 pcs225.00

Study on Investigative Audits44 pcs175.00

Study on Manner IFRS Implementn in Select Countries19 pcs230.00

TG on A/c for SEZs Development Activities3 pcs50.00

TG on Auditing Waste Management (2013).62 pcs150.00

TG on Audit in Hotel Industry13 pcs150.00

TG on Audit of NBFCs (2012)15 pcs300.00

TG on Expatriates Taxation (2011)21 pcs75.00

TG on IA of BPO Industry14 pcs200.00

TG on IA of Educational Institutions14 pcs200.00

TG on IA of Life Insurance Business38 pcs230.00

TG on IA of Textile Industry (2012)12 pcs200.00

TG on IA of Treasury Function in Banks6 pcs150.00

TG on Internal Audit of Hotel Industry (Feb-2016)32 pcs150.00

TG on Internal Audit of IT Software Industry46 pcs165.00

TG on Social Audit12 pcs150.00

TG on Stock & Receivables Audit (2012)25 pcs150.00

TG to CENVAT Credit-201544 pcs170.00

TG to Karnataka VAT (July, 2015)4 pcs150.00

TG to Service Tax-Insurance Sector 20159 pcs75.00

XBRL - A Primer(2009)11 pcs120.00


E-Learning DVD:CPT Course (2014)49 pcs100.00

FNC SM Accounting Pronouncement (Jan, 2017)69 no.300.00

FNC SM Adv Auditing & Professional Ethics Module 1-3 (Jan, 2017)3 no.470.00

FNC SM AMA Modules 1 - 3 Jan - 201567 no.370.00

FNC SM Auditing Pronouncements (Jan, 2017)65 no.410.00

FNC SM CAL (Mod-1-2) Jan-201654 no.340.00

FNC SM Financial Reporting Module 1-3 (Jan, 2017)1 no.600.00

FNC SM SFM Modules 1 - 3 Jan 201570 no.330.00

IPCC SM Accounting Module 1 - 2 July - 201566 no.300.00

IPCC SM Audit & Assurance Module 1-2 July-201533 no.240.00

IPCC SM BLEC Module 1- 3 July - 2015103 no.300.00

IPCC SM Cost Accounting (Module 1-2) - April, 201688 no.260.00

IPCC SM Financial Management (Module 1-2) - April, 2016100 no.210.00

IPCC SM Strategic Management July 201412 no.100.00

Training Guide July - 2015223 no.40.00

C A Course Prospectus (July, 2017)156 no.200.00

Course Material on Englist Speaking Writing & Business Communication20 no.120.00


CPT MTP VOL I 20151 pcs350.00

RTP Final Nov 14 Gr 116 pcs70.00


1107 pcs



1523 pcs


RTP IPCC Nov 14 Gr 117 pcs70.00

RTP IPCC Nov 14 Gr 261 pcs60.00

Final RTP Group - 1 May 201720 no.130.00

Final RTP Group - 2 MAY 201777 no.100.00

Final RTP Group - II November 2017461 no.100.00

Final RTP Group - I November 2017457 no.100.00

IPCC RTP Group - 1 May, 2017101 no.100.00

IPCC RTP Group - II November 2017323 no.100.00

IPCC RTP Group - I November 2017375 no.100.00

RTP FINAL NOV-16 Group-161 pcs80.00

RTP IPCC MAY-16 Group-1200 pcs70.00

RTP IPCC MAY-16 Group-2102 pcs60.00


IPCC Nov 13 Vol9 Gr185 pcs50.00

IPCC Nov 13 Vol9 Gr2163 pcs50.00

SAB INTER GR 2 MAY 2014 VOL 1233 pcs50.00

SAB Final Gr - 2 NOV 14 VOL-1325 pcs50.00

SAB Inter Gr-II NOV 14 Vol-11172 pcs50.00

SAB Inter Gr-I NOV 14 Vol-11210 pcs50.00

SA Final NOV-15 Group-2 Vol-151 pcs50.00

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